our story

From plastic bottles to the perfect Towel. Our lives can get really hectic. When we get time to do things we love we need functional things surrounding us. A team of young, creative designers traveled the world in search of the perfect towel and found it didn’t exist! So we decided to create it ourselves. We were tired of packing bulky, heavy towels that stayed wet for a long time and took up too much space.

So, through a proprietary blend of fabrics made from plastic bottles, the Towee was born. The Towee is built for performance, and absorbs more liquid than any other towel in its class. It is also super lightweight – weighing less than half  a pound and can be folded to fit in your pocket! It comes in several different colors and patterns so you’ll never lose your towel in the sea of sameness. Keep the sand where it belongs. Our Beach Towel keeps the sand on the beach.